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ross i love this record and i also happen to love kassie and jori! beautiful music from beauty ppl . for all and any cowgirls . for all ppl everyone listen Favorite track: cowboi song.
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so lucky to be working along side such a talented musician and pal

artwork: justin burns!


released December 18, 2015



all rights reserved


meaux jeaux Connecticut

cry ur eyes out to this knitting core


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Track Name: cowboi song
i saw a tumble weed, roll across the scene
sexual cactus tension
a rattlesnake i won't mention

behind saloon doors, bobby pours the sheriff more,
XXX till he snores
when he wakes up he'll drink more

I'm a cowboy
I'm a girl

I love my assless chaps
until the sand gets in my crack
i pet my hound named, rico
in the west we don't use tivo

I'm a cowboy
I'm a girl
Track Name: i tattooed antonio the ant on my ankle so i would never forget his wisdom
at my old house
in the drive way
and ant crawled on my knee
he whispered
i am not human
i have compassion for the elderly

as i grow old
i feel the time slow
i don't know how to hold my own

the wise ant
hugged me closer
and he said "hey sir, you are so tall"

he's so kind to me
and I hope to be
as strong as he
Track Name: how i got lost
all my friends are marsupials
their pouches make me feel unusual
i wish i had one too
but for now i'll hide things in my shoes

I once sat in the bathtub
in my orange suede jacket
my hair went down the drain

i got sucked in the new york sewage
and 6 rats greeted me

all my friends are marsupials
their pouches make me feel unusual
i wish i had one too
but for now i'll hide things in my shoes

I don't draw the pupils on rico anymore
I am scared of what he might see
he said he missed me
i said I'm sorry
I'm lost in the plumbing

your toothpaste spit out
is on the ground
and its thick and minty

all my friends are marsupials
Track Name: movie star
i don’t know what it is I’m doing
but you look a movie star
i see something in your eyes
that makes me want to fall in love
but you are up in the stars
and i am falling apart

i am looking out my window
at all of the stars
you shine brightly
and i am shyly
saying all of my mysteries
you mesmerize me
and I’m stuck in a dream
that you can’t see
Track Name: bug
I'm a joke
won't you come laugh at me
your a hoax
won't you come lie to me
I'm afraid of the things
I can't see
your afraid of the way
you used to be

there's a mask that's gripping my face
I'm a bug please don't step on me
even though I remind you of the times
you were young and free
I'm just a bug whose understanding
what it's like to be me
Track Name: sun luvs moon
i wanna to cut my stupid hair
wanna be right next to you
pretending not to care
wanna kiss you on the moon
won't you turn me into goo?

wanna kiss u on the sun
cause i hate when days are long
i wanna be anything
i wanna be anything

wanna hold your sweaty hand
& take pictures of the things
the things that we see
theres nothing left to be
i wanna be everything

everything is changing
from the leaves on the trees
to the toes on your feet
everything is changing
from the way you say your name
when life slips away